Meet our Staff


JUDO (4th Degree Black Belt)

BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU (2nd Degree Black Belt)

WRESTLING (Cortland State)

RUGBY (Univ. North London, England)

  • Mark Staniszewski (aka: Mark Stan) is a renowned martial artist who regarded as one of the most experienced grapplers in America. He is a Hall of Fame inductee with a competition record that spans over 30 years.





  • Paul Zambuto has a background in Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing.  He has been studying and competing in both arts for over two decades. Paul has been traveling to Thailand since 1999 to learn and master the discipline. He was Fortunate enough to Live and Train Full Time in Thailand and the Philippines for Five Years, and fought in the Amateur and Professional Ranks while Overseas. Paul combines his Boxing and Muay Thai Skills (ALL EIGHT LIMBS) to Teach a Unique Style that is centered around using his Muay Thai Skills for "Explosive Offense", and using his Boxing Footwork as "Intelligent" Defense. His teaching Motto is to "HIT and NOT GET HIT". Paul is the founder of the popular MMABLAST.COM Equipment and Apparel company, and co-owner of Team Believe MMA - Franklin Square

Assistant Instructors

Joe Tamburello

JUDO - 3rd Degree Black Belt

BJJ - Purple Belt

Jennifer & Ed

  • Jennifer is a judo black belt who has been training judo since age of 9. She was awarded her black belt after entering an all men's black belt division at a regional tournament and winning the division. Jenn's fiance Ed is a brown belt in judo who has been studying the art for several years. Together, they assist with the kid's judo program.

Vinny Desantis

  • Vinny is an experienced martial artist who holds a black belt in judo. Additionally, he holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a brown belt in Goshin Jujutsu and he is formally trained in Filipino martial arts. He is a distinguished 22 year veteran of law enforcement who retired from the NYPD with the rank of Captain.